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This project focuses on improving retention, graduation rates and academic success for students of color, first-generation college, and low-income students. Overall, BSU serves 11,201 students (8,911 FTE); in Fall 2010, 64% of BSU first-time freshmen appeared in at least one of the three Project Compass target groups. Among all Fall 2010 first-time freshmen (except non-resident aliens), data collected during freshman orientation revealed that 15% were students of color; 51% were first-generation college; and 31% were low-income. Through a data-driven, targeted approach, Project Compass implementation year four funds will be used to continue to offer our students academic support; expand and improve professional development for visiting lecturers aimed at promoting engaged student learning pedagogies and cultural inclusion; continue data collection and analysis to continually assess intervention strategies; and disseminate Project Compass findings to colleagues in higher education.

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