Other Publications

Listed below is a selection of downloadable publications related to NERCHE’s three primary focus areas:  Reflective Inquiry into Practicethe Scholarship of Engagement, and Transitions to and through Higher Education.  In some cases, the project from which a publication grew may no longer be active, yet the content of the piece is still relevant to current issues in higher education.

Reflective Inquiry into Practice:

  • “Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education” (1987) 
    This short article by NERCHE Senior Associate Arthur Chickering and former NERCHE director Zee Gamson offers “a set of guidelines for faculty members, students, and administrators… to improve teaching and learning” in undergraduate higher education.
  • “Hot Commodity” (2005) 
    Written by NERCHE’s Senior Program and Research Associate Sharon Singleton, this review of the Academic Capitalism and the New Economy (by S. Slaughter & G. Rhoades) appeared in the New England Journal of Higher Education.  


The Scholarship of Engagement:

  • “Swinging Doors: Making Community-College Partnerships Work” (2001)
    This “guide to helping community partners navigate colleges and universities” was developed as part of Project Colleague, a faculty program designed to correct some of the obstacles to effective service and outreach. 
  • "Reversing the Telescope: Community Development from Within--Taking the First Look" (2003)
    This report grew out of a project funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation that aimed to chart the domain of the "civic microcosm" within colleges and universities.  Project activities included facilitating conversations with key stakeholders possessing the capacity to leverage and redirect resources to support institutions of higher education in addressing the community within their institutions and developing strategic partnerships for mobilizing institutions to create innovative programs that are responsive to local needs.
  • “Democratic Engagement White Paper” (2008)
    As part of the Future of Engagement Project co-sponsored by NERCHE and the Kettering Foundation, this paper captures the cumulative “learnings” from a colloquium held in February 2008 to (1) identify problems and issues associated with reforming higher education for community engagement and democratic citizenship and (2) suggest ways to cultivate the next generation of engaged scholars in American higher education. 
  • "Profiles of Public Engagement: Findings from the Ernest A. Lynton Award for the Scholarship of Engagement for Early Career Faculty" (2012)
    This NERCHE report offers an analysis of data from applications submitted in 2009, 2010, and 2011 for NERCHE’s Ernest A. Lynton Award for the Scholarship of Engagement for Early Career Faculty.  It examines both institutional and individual data, and draws findings from materials provided by Award nominees and nominators. The report will be issued annually, providing a snapshot of the exemplary engaged scholarly work of early-career faculty, and over time both the implications of the findings and trends will become more apparent.  This publication is intended for faculty, staff, and administrators responsible for implementing the engagement mission of their respective campuses. Few studies exist that help us understand the dimensions of scholarship for the next generation of engaged faculty. The authors hope the report will contribute to that understanding and its institutional implications.

Transitions to and through Higher Education: