Lynton Application Resources

The following resources are offered to assist prospective nominees and nominators for the Ernest A. Lynton Award for the Scholarship of Engagement for Early Career Faculty in the development of their Award applications.  

  • Lynton Award FAQs (web page).  This is a link to questions that are frequently posed by Lynton Award nominees and nominators.  Proceed to the Lynton FAQs page >>
  • 2013 Lynton Award Application Instructions (web page).  This is a direct link to the instructions for accessing the 2013 Application and Application Framework.  Proceed to the Application Instructions page >>
  • Exemplary Syllabi (web page).  As part of the application process for the Lynton Award, nominees include examples of syllabi that represent their community-engaged teaching and learning. The Exemplary Syllabi web page includes some recent examples of noteworthy syllabi representing innovative practices that value students and community members as collaborators in the teaching and learning experience.  Proceed to NERCHE's Exemplary Syllabi page >>
  • Examples of Community-Engaged Teaching, Service, and Research (PDF file).  This document consists of excerpts taken from previous Lynton Award applications (2008-2011) that comprise a range of examples illustrating innovative community-engaged teaching and learning, service, and research/creative activity across the disciplines. Download this resource >>
  • Lynton Award Informational Webinar (web page).  This is a web link to a recording of the webinar hosted by NERCHE on March 20, 2012, for prospective nominees and nominators for the Lynton Award.   This web-based meeting provides practical information and advice about completing the Award application and offers nominees strategies for linking the application to their tenure portfolio or contract renewal process.  Proceed to the Lynton Award Informational Webinar page >>
  • Webinar: “Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Civic Engagement and the Tenure Review Process” (web page). This recording of a webinar hosted by NERCHE on March 20, 2013, features a presentation by Dr. Jordan Karubian (recipient of the 2012 Lynton Award) which explores the complicated issue of how engaged scholarship should be evaluated during the promotion and tenure review process relative to more traditional scholarly activities.  Webinar page >>

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