Lynton Award Application Instructions

The following are instructions for completing the 2016 Lynton Award online application.  

For a complete outline of the Lynton Award application, including all application questions, please download the Application Framework.  (You will need the most recent version of Adobe Reader to open this document.)  

Please note:  The framework is meant to serve as a guide for nominators as they proceed through the online application and for nominees as they prepare their materials for the nominator to enter into the application.  The framework  is not to be used as a substitute application form--only online nominations will be accepted by the Lynton Award Review Committee.

Questions regarding the application should be addressed to the Lynton Award Coordinator, Elaine Ward, at Merrimack College’s Graduate Higher Education Program in the School of Education and Social Policy by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (subject line: “Lynton Award Help”) or by phone at (781) 812-9112. To view the Call for Nominations, click here.


  • Only full-time faculty from U.S. public and private not-for-profit colleges and universities are eligible for the Award.
  • A faculty member who submits tenure materials for review prior to the Lynton Award application deadline is not eligible to apply for the Award.


Please note:

  • Nominations can be made by academic colleagues, administrators, students, and community partners.  Each nominator should aim to present a comprehensive account of the nominee’s community-engaged teaching, research, and service, and their integration. To this end, the application provides for the inclusion of the names and affiliations of additional nominators (see Section Three of this document). Further, endorsements from individuals familiar with one or more aspects of the nominee’s work can be included in the supporting documentation (see Section I.D.).
  • In cases in which multiple individuals submit a single application for the nomination of a faculty member, one person should be designated as the primary nominator responsible for completing and submitting the application. Additional nominators can be noted in the appropriate section of the application.
  • More than one faculty member from a single college or university may be nominated. Please complete separate applications for each nominee.
  • Individuals who have been nominated in previous years can be re-nominated.


The nomination application consists of three sections:

Section One--Nominator: (1) includes several questions about the various aspects of the nominee's community-based scholarship and (2) requires the nominator to upload specific supporting documentation to the application. If there is more than one nominator, please make note of the instructions for nominators in Section Three: Contact Information for Nominee and Nominator.

Section Two--Nominee: (1) includes several questions about the nominee's community-based teaching, research/creative activity, and service, and (2) requires the nominator to upload specific supporting documentation from the nominee to the application, including (a) at least one but no more than three syllabi that illustrate the nominee's community-based teaching and learning, and (b) the nominee's c.v. or resume.  View examples of syllabi submitted by previous nominees.

Section Three--Contact Information for Nominee, Nominator, President, Provost, Dean, and Department Chair:  Requests basic contact Information for both the nominee and nominator. If there is more than one nominator, please designate only one individual’s contact information.  In the field labeled "Additional Nominators" list only the name, title, and institutional affiliation of each additional nominator.

Completing the Online Application:

  • The NOMINATOR will be responsible for filling out the ENTIRE online application. Where responses or supporting documentation are required from the nominee (Section Two), the nominee will provide that information to the nominator, who will then upload them to the application. 
  • Nominees must download the Lynton Award Application Framework in order to the view the questions they are required to answer and the supporting documentation they are required to provide (Section Two). 
  • Entering text into the online application:  It is advised that nominators cut and paste text from a word processing document into answer fields on the application (see “Word limits” below).  

  • Word limits: Most application questions require responses that cannot exceed a certain number of words. If a response exceeds the word limit, the application software will only submit the maximum number of words allowed for that question, resulting in an incomplete response. Therefore, it is recommended that applicants draft their responses in a word processing application (e.g., Microsoft Word), and use the word count feature before cutting and pasting their text into the online form. 
  • Saving unfinished applications: Nominators may save an incomplete application and then continue it at a later time by clicking on "Save and continue later" at the top of the online application form. A unique web link will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the nominator, allowing the nominator to return to the saved application. 
  • Responses to questions marked with a red asterisk (*) are required in order for the application to be submitted.


Click the following link to complete the 2016 Lynton Award online application:

Application deadline: Friday, April 8th, 2016, at 5:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Questions or Assistance:  
Frequently asked questions about the Lynton Award are answered here. If you have other questions regarding the Lynton Award, please contact the Lynton Award Coordinator, Elaine Ward, at Merrimack College’s Graduate Higher Education Program in the School of Education and Social Policy by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (subject line: “Lynton Award Help”) or by phone at (781) 812-9112. 

To learn more about the Lynton Award, please click here.